Monsters at the Gate
Name: Monsters at the Gate
Size: 12" X 18" image
Orientation: Horizontal
Print Quality: Archival Pigment Print (Adamson Editions) or Epson Smooth Fine Art Paper
Original Media: Colored Pencil
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Monsters at the Gate

From a collection of children’s toys (transformers, tanks, airplanes, sharks, four-eyed monster thugs, and a family of Godzilla’s) one can discern two sides. One consists of machines and logic. The other side consists of the still-messy world of biology with the complexity which has yet to be understood and brought under control into our world of logic. In the thoughtless, left-over no-man’s middle ground, Beetle Juice characters cavort. One is almost caught by Godzilla. The others run and surf, heading for Church and School Bus. The Cross illuminates everything.