Battle of the Books
Name: Battle of the Books
Size: 8.5" X 11" image
Orientation: Horizontal
Print Quality: Archival Pigment Print (Adamson Editions) or Epson Smooth Fine Art Paper
Original Media: Graphite (black & white)
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Battle of the Books

In a cave with its lake and hanging denizens, learned tenure-track professors fight with books and pens mightier than shield and swords. They try to dethrone worn-out or rising orthodoxies in the eyes of the other. In the lambent waters of newfangled technology where reading itself will be obsolete. Battlements are assailed and defended. Brave, newly-appointed PhDs row in a sea of books. Bubbles of ideas float. And, technology in its inexorable advance shapes our future transforming elephants into rockets that we hope will enable us to escape our cave into worlds where a new life and resources will enable us to confirm our supremacy and origins. What if the rapture is true? And, the lake is left full of neatly-folded clothes? The giants will always be there eating their fill no matter “who, what, where, or when” is done.