Bags and Shoes
Name: Bags and Shoes
Size: 11" x 14" image
Print Quality: Archival Pigment Print (Adamson Editions) or Epson Smooth Fine Art Paper
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Bags and Shoes

This drawing was started around 1994, abandoned, and then taken up again. News photographs continued to show through the years scenes of panicked crowds. The shoes were abandoned in their flight. In the existential panic of not being at the cutting edge, the constant shedding of dreams and other thoughts is shown by the bags and brief cases left behind. In one such forced, 20th Century panic, other things left behind included tooth brushes, razors, can openers, combs, as well as shoes and suitcases. In the background, a Tsunami is about to wipe the arrogance of our slates clean, while the sky is cleared of our pretensions by a storm cell. The birds seem puzzled. The rats are busy. The weeds grow.